Outdoor Lighting

Spike Lighting

One of the best features of Spike lighting is the way it helps to extend the view of your interior spaces into your garden areas. With Spike lights, and the use of professionally designed techniques, you can create dramatic focal points, highlighting the things you love and increases the safety and security of your home.

Place them in planters and flower beds, illuminate obstacles and ornaments, light up your garden party or create a spectacular display of pathways and entranceways. Whatever the setting, these lights will look great even when unlit

If you don’t have exterior landscape lighting as Spike lighting you don’t know what you’re missing because the area will just fall away into darkness. Place exterior Spike lights, and landscape lighting around your yard in such a way that it helps draw your eye back into the garden space. This type of arrangement looks great all year long, even in winter, and helps bring the outside views indoors.

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