About us

Through Space for Lighting Company Ltd was established in 2000 under the commercial name of Al Hani with the experience of two btothers.

This experience has been gained from their family business that was established by their father in 1958.

Through its hight capabilities, experience and successful executed project, Al Hani have been qualified as class "A" for the lighting Fixtures Suppliers in Jordan.

Uts worth to mention that number of the company permanent employees and labor froce by the end of 2018 was over 20.

Al-Hani Lighting is a specialized company that deals with a wide range of lighting fixtures both indoors & outdoors and for special projects such as auditoriums, ballrooms, sport field, swimming pools and other highly specialized projects. In addition, our company is the leading designers/suppliers of Fiber Optics and LED in Jordan.

The company employs professional lighting design specialiists that are supported by the designers of the numerous lighting manufacturers that we repersent in Jordan (Europe, USA and the Far East).

In 2006 Al-Hani opened its newest showroom in the suburb of Khalda - The current vision is to expand its operations throughout Jordan in as effortto keep up with the increasing demand of the market.