Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics

What is Fiber Optic Lighting?
Fiber Optic Lighting is the technology of transmitting light from a centralized light source (illuminator) through an acrylic fiber cable (stranded or solid core) to a feature or fixture.

Why use Fiber Optic Lighting?
Fiber Optic cable is an excellent alternative to neon and other traditional lighting products because it transports no heat or electricity in the cable itself. Eliminates heat transfer and structural support hardware, simplifying light fixtures, installation, and architectural requirements. Ideal for application where electricity and heat are a concern such as wine racks, display cases and in or around water.

* Fiber Optic lighting is energy efficient.  Our most popular illuminator uses only a 150 W lamp.
* Can significantly reduce lighting related energy consumption. Reduces ambient cooling system requirements because of reduced heat from light. Centralizes maintenance and cleaning, and reduces maintenance and labor costs.
* By using a color filter or color wheel in the illuminator, the cable, fiber ends or fixtures can change color.
* Produces more pleasing light with color change and special effects options.

Where can I use Fiber Optic Lighting?
Just about anywhere you like.  Because there is no heat in the cable and no electricity, your option is wide open.

The outer jacket of the cable has UV inhibitors and algaecides to further protect it in the environment.

Where do I use Fiber Optic Lighting?
When you require a safe and energy efficient lighting system that has the ability to change color and is able to fit in area where traditional lighting cannot.

It can be used for signs, building outlines, cove lighting, illuminate architectural fixtures, swimming pool perimeters, underwater lighting, landscape lighting and much more.

Who uses Fiber Optic Lighting?
The world's largest fiber optic sign - Coca-cola sign is in Time Square and has over 65,000 points of fiber optic lights.

The Pepsi Globe in Caracas, Venezuela uses over 7 kilometers of side illuminating fiber cable.

Major theme parks, corporations, sign companies and homeowners who illuminate their pools all use fiber optic lighting.

Once you discover the magical world of fiber optic lighting, you'll begin to see it almost everywhere.

Exploration of the creative opportunities for fiber optic lighting quickly reveals its infinite potential. Flexible cabling allows for unique building signage and dynamic architectural accentuation. Easy system installation provides the opportunity to create visual interest at any surface, from floor to ceiling, within the space. Since, because fiber optic lighting transfers no heat or UV radiation, sensitive objects can be displayed without the worry of deterioration.

Fiber optic cable can be used above or below ground and is an excellent choice for use in or around water or anywhere heat or electricity is a concern. There is no safety concern because there is no electricity in the cable. Various size cables are available for different applications. The great advantages of using fiber optics for this purpose, are that it is maintenance free at the light point, and totally safe in connection with water, as it does not carry electricity.

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